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Our Services

IPFA provides independent commercial and financial advisory services on major infrastructure projects to Australian Government ministers and agencies.

What IPFA does for its clients


IPFA provides independent, whole-of-government commercial and financial advisory services, program management services and capability building to support Australian Government infrastructure investments.

Our client service operating model recognises that we work with a diverse range of Australian Government clients as the preferred commercial and financial advisor for Ministers as well as Commonwealth departments and agencies.

Our multidisciplinary team has significant private and public sector expertise, providing a suite of services which cover the full spectrum of infrastructure across the economy, and all phases of a project or program’s lifecycle.

Our services are underpinned by our open collaboration with stakeholders, which fosters strong, trusting partnerships with our state and territory counterparts, and the private sector to enable leading infrastructure outcomes for all Australians.


Our core services


Commercial and Financial Advisory

We provide commercial, financial and risk analysis and advice on all aspects of the infrastructure lifecycle for projects in business case development, procurement and delivery.

We develop commercial, funding and financing structures for infrastructure projects to best allocate risk, including establishing delivery entities, PPPs, JVs or contractual arrangements.

We review the financial and commercial feasibility of government investment and funding proposals and transactions.


Capacity and Capability to Deliver

We facilitate project delivery through leading legal, commercial and financial workstreams and negotiating commercial, financial and governance arrangements with the States and Territories or the private sector.

We support approaches to market, including undertaking market soundings and evaluating the commercial and financial aspects of tender documents and processes.

We build the skills of the Australian Government and broader industry by hosting knowledge sharing activities and seconding staff into project teams



Confidence through Governance and Leadership

We represent clients on infrastructure Governance bodies and participate in steering committees to ensure effective major project and transaction governance.

We establish frameworks for governance of new infrastructure development and ownership entities and major project commercial and financial risk management.

We lead engagement with States and Territories and private sector on behalf of the Australian Government on commercial and financial aspects of major infrastructure projects.