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We are the Australian Government’s independent commercial and financial advisers on major infrastructure projects.

Our vision and values

IPFA is committed to supporting the Australian Government in achieving the maximum benefits from taxpayer funds applied to nationally significant infrastructure projects

We achieve this commitment through our vision and values, and by working collaboratively with Australian government stakeholders.

Our Vision

Enable commercial excellence in Australian Government infrastructure investment for the benefit of all Australians. 

Our Values

Integrity       Excellence       Client-Focused       Collaborative         Dynamic

Our purpose and role in Government


The Australian Government is pursuing an active investor approach to infrastructure projects, seeking a return for taxpayer investments in projects and pursuing alternate funding and finance before grants.

IPFA's purpose is to support the government in meeting this objective by undertaking the following roles:

         Provide independent commercial and financial advice to support the delivery of Australian Government infrastructure projects;
         Build the Australian Government’s capability to deliver infrastructure priorities; and
         Strengthen confidence in the Australian Government’s investment through better-informed decisions and investment management.

IPFA’s role is as an independent advisor to the Government, including Cabinet, ministers and other departments. Our client centric approach seeks to partner with other Australian Government agencies and provide diverse project teams with a mix of commercial, financial and public policy skills.

IPFA advises Australian Government Agencies and Minsters on how to fund or finance, how to govern, how to procure and deliver, and how to structure commercial and financing arrangements in major projects. Where needed, we can provide the capacity to deliver.

For more information, see our guiding principles.


Our leadership

Chief Executive

Leadership team

Corporate information

An Executive Order was made under the Public Service Act on 13 April 2017 to establish the IPFA as an executive agency from 1 July 2017.

From August 2019, IPFA became an executive agency within the Treasury portfolio.

We are well positioned to be confident, strong, independent and bold, supporting innovation and cultural change within government.

Latest Corporate Plan