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Our Role

The Infrastructure and Project Financing Agency (IPFA) , an executive agency within the Prime Minister and Cabinet portfolio, advises the Australian Government on innovative approaches to the funding and financing of nationally significant infrastructure across all sectors, including transport, energy and water.

The IPFA helps to better inform the Australian Government’s infrastructure investment decisions; enhances its capabilities to manage project and financial risks; and maximises the benefits of Australian Government’s investment.

To do this the IPFA:

  • assesses proposed infrastructure investments for innovative funding and financing potential;
  • provides advice to the Australian Government on innovative funding and financing options; and
  • assists other agencies across the Australian Government with brokering and managing financing arrangements.

The IPFA does not have an investment mandate. The Australian Government retains full responsibility for deciding which infrastructure projects will ultimately receive Australian Government funding or financing.

The IPFA works closely with project proponents, including state and territory governments, other Australian Government departments, Infrastructure Australia, and the private sector to ensure innovative funding and financing opportunities are identified and developed as early as possible.

Infrastructure Australia remains the Australian Government’s key source of independent advice on the strategic priorities for Australian land transport investment and on the economic merits of infrastructure projects.